Monday, 30 May 2005

Play You Make Me Sick against the clock!

Bad habits that damage your Health Posted by Hello

Click on the link below and (using the dictionary link on this page) paste the meaning of unknown vocabulary onto the box that pops up when pressing the "Comments" button at the end of this post.-

Play You Make Me Sick against the clock!

Now read the extracts from this link:

Notes to read

Passive Voice practice:

Rewrite the sentences in italics (only one word is missing)

1.These foods should not be eaten too often, and when they are, only in small amounts.
Fast foods should only be -------in small amounts.
2.They are loaded in calories, fat and sugar - but they do not contain many vitamins and minerals.
Fast foods aren't supposed to -------many vitamins and minerals.
3. A massive one in five of the world's population is classed as overweight.
A high percentage of people is considered to be ------.

Now rewrite these ideas. Use the beginnings given:

1. Without drugs you are in charge of your body and mind.
It is said that---------------------
2.People often take drugs because they like the effects they have on you.
Drugs are often---------because their effects -------- by their consumers.
3. drugs can alter the way the body or mind works
Drugs are considered to alter-------
4.This can be both frightening and dangerous.
This is believed to------------
5.alcohol will affect you more quickly than an adult
You will--------------
6. You may not be able to walk properly or speak clearly, but often you don't realise this.
It is known that--------------------


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